Fearlessly and forever.

'Everything is Klaine, and nothing hurts'

Giorgia, Italian, 17. Gleek. Klainer. Homophobic, delusional Crisscolfer shipper.
Darren Criss and Chris Colfer are my heroes.
Adam Lambert, Avril Lavigne and Adam Levine's voices make me cry.
Sometimes I write things.
Addicted to TV series (glee, teen wolf, shameless, queer as folk, bones, the new normal) and fanfictions.
Still going strong, bitches.

i wish i could explain what’s going on in my brain sometimes i’m so sorry

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"Mark and I spend a lot of time together - especially on the tour."

"like a warm fuzzy blanket on a cold winters night"

"A bromantic Friday evening at breadstix"

"Huge love for brother Cory. Can’t wait to hit the course with ya"

"going through a million memories and emotions today. ill love you always Brother Cory."

"Thank you for everything Canada. Cory always spoke so highly of you. I get it."

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In order to never feel the bitterness and dissatisfaction of crushed expectations regarding my OTPs, here are my newest commandments :

I shall tremendously enjoy CrissColfer everytime it happens and not resent the world when it stops.

I shall worship Klaine moments given, for they are the only ones been given. Therefore, I shall stop expecting fanfiction to come true.

I shall HAVE FAITH in Klaine until the end of season 6.

I shall LOVE Darren and Chris NO MATTER WHAT, during and after GLEE.